Hardwood Flooring: Species and Grades

Our Sustainable Hardwood Flooring Goes to Great Lengths...and Widths

Unlike the segmented look of typical short flooring boards from big box and liquidation retail stores, our plank flooring features significantly longer average and maximum lengths, providing a substantial and refined look for your space. Combine that with the added visual interest and sustainability of both our Conservation Grade and multiple widths and your new floor will be a conversation starter for years to come.

Our specialty?

 Slow-milled, solid, unfinished, Conservation Grade flooring in multiple widths (2-½”, 3-½”, 4-½”) and random lengths up to 7’ long; with offset tongue-and-groove edges, square ends, and back-relief channels.

We understand that like wood, tastes and budgets are unique, so...

We offer the following options upon request:

  • Extra-long lengths (up to 12’ long with proper jobsite unloading capabilities)
  • Our more visually uniform Select Grade, plus industry-standard flooring grades, widths, and lengths
  • Single widths - Up to 9-¼” wide!
  • Prefinishing
  • Wire-brushing
  • End matching

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